[Ideal for future connected car] Our Proposal: Hands-Free SNS System Using AI Speaker (US Patent No. 9,613,639 B2)

Our Proposal: Hands-Free SNS System Using Smart (AI) Speaker

Japanese Patent No. 6234819: Communication System and Terminal Device

US Patent No. 9,613,639 B2: Communication System and Terminal Device

*We are currently looking for corporations to commercialize our patent.


Hands-Free Communication With Your Nearby Drivers



Ideal for future connected car

1.Reproduce Necessary Voice Data Only

Transmit and receive voice data exclusively with communication partner(s) in a predetermined area or with a group of friends.

2.Easy-Hearing Voice Reproduction

Arrange the voice data and reproduce voice messages one by one for easy-hearing of multiple responses to one question.

Hands-Free SNS Topics

  • Weather
  • News
  • Traffic Information
  • Gas Prices
  • Available Parking
  • Restaurant Review
  • Business Meeting
  • Voice Forum
  • Voice Chat
  • Sales and Deals
  • Events in User’s Area
  • Radio Review


Advantages and Benefits

  • The in-vehicle AI speaker transmits to a server an already recognized and analyzed driver’s voice signal together with user location information.  This enables transmission and reception of voice data within a predetermined area or within a predetermined group.
  • Hands-free Internet access avoids distractions while driving.
  • No need to worry about missing messages because the user can request the AI speaker to adjust a playback timing and reproduce missed messages at any time.